Dog Walking Services

Tired dogs are happy (and well-behaved) dogs!

The average dog needs between 30 minutes to 2 hours of physical activity per day to be their happiest and healthiest. The Wags-n-Whiskers team would love to help you give your pup the exercise they need to thrive!

We offer private walks ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length around your neighborhood. Our team is experienced and can handle all breeds, sizes, and energy levels, ensuring a safe and enjoyable walk.

Our Rates

Neighborhood Walks Extra Option
30-Minute Neighborhood Walk
Starting at $38, these 30-minute neighborhood walks are the perfect way to break up your dog's day. You can request a time of day (morning, midday, afternoon), and your dog walker will show up to give your pup some exercise and fun!
Extended Neighborhood Walk
$ Contact Us
Extended neighborhood walks are for the more energetic pups who need to get their daily steps in. You can request a time of day (morning, midday, afternoon), and your dog walker will be there to give your dog the exercise they need! Contact us for pricing.
For The Most Energetic Pups
If a neighborhood walk isn't quite enough, we're happy to work with you and build a walk outing that meets your dog's needs. These vary in length and can be conducted away from home, such as at a local trail or park. Please note that the vast majority of clients use our 30-60 minute neighborhood walks. Off-site walks are the exception and are subject to availability, so we suggest sticking with a neighborhood walk if possible.
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